Our quality management

Product safety, from start to finish ... Our quality management is a consistently lived company philosophy, which determines our daily actions. It starts before the order of raw materials and ends long after the delivery of our products to the customer. It represents the backbone of our daily responsibility within the framework of our process chain and ensures our customers a consistently high product quality.

We have set up and established a cross-certificate system which combines the current legal requirements with the latest state of science and technology. We have standardized our processes according to these standards in order to be able to check and evaluate the quality of our products and react to hazards at any time. This has enabled us to become a reliable long-term partner for our customers over the past decades.



Process certification for: GMP + B1: Trade and production of farm animal feeds GMP + B4: Road transport of animal feeds GMP + B8: trading and production of pet food GMP + BCN QM milk

QS test mark

Recognition by test certificate GMP + FSA

VLOG - without genetic engineering


A feed

AMA Pastus

Organic label