Innovative products

Every day we try to fill the theoretical definition of the term animal feed with life. We are committed to the current legal and scientific quality requirements (GMP + / QS) in order to be able to offer our customers only the best.

So that we can meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have optimized our production sites for different products. In addition to products for pigs and ruminants, we are also able to produce products for the pet food industry. Solid or liquid products are not a problem for us, as is the use of substances of category CAT-3.

Premixes / Supplement & Mineral Feed / Special Products

Thanks to our specialist advisors and an in-house veterinary practice, we are in close contact with the compound feed industry and the farmer. This enables us to react to changes in agriculture at an early stage and to adapt our products to existing needs and develop new ones.

This networked structure enabled us to create a broad, innovative range of products over the past three decades. By investing in new production facilities, creating new locations and implementing a successful quality assurance system, we are now able to produce powder and liquid products of the highest quality. Even after their development, our products are continuously adapted to legal and scientific standards so that our customers can rely on the quality and functionality of all products.

Package size & color

Individual products


Customized products can be composed according to the customer's wishes and the physiological needs of the animals.


There is no requirement. Weight sizes between 3.5 kg and 25 kg are possible as well as different bag colors.


The weight is freely selectable here. We can offer you everything between 80 kg and 1250 kg.


We also supply you in bulk from 1000 kg in loose, unpacked quantities.

Reliable products

Every product may have sprung from a good idea, but if it is not good value for money it cannot be marketable.

We have learned over the decades to create marketable and efficient products that reliably perform their functions and lead to sustainable cost reductions. This requires a holistic view, taking into account legal and regulatory requirements. Thanks to our special advisors, we can ensure mutual success with our customers and partners.

However, we can only be reliable if we can also meet delivery security and adherence to delivery dates. Thanks to highly specialized production facilities and our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to meet the delivery requests made to us. We define this reliability in our daily business as one of our highest goals.

Recognize the problem
Develop a solution
Develop product recipe
Optimize cost-benefit ratio
Represent delivery security

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