Sows – Supplementary feed & mineral feed

Mineral & supplementary feed for sows

During the life phases of a breeding animal (e.g. pregnant or lactating) the demands on the feed change. Since the basic components usually remain the same, the variable demands of the animal necessitate the use of mineral feed so that the animal's existing performance potential can be fully exploited. The mineral feeds we produce for you make it possible to meet the animal's needs and maintain the level of performance.

           ” Premium mineral feed from B&K Agrar

In addition to our standard premium mineral feed, we offer you the opportunity to work with us to develop a mineral feed specially tailored to your feed. They enable their animals to fully exploit the existing performance and ensure their economic success in the long term.

We offer the products we produce in the following sizes:

  • Bagged goods: 15 kg - 25 kg
  • Big Bag: 500kg - 1250kg
  • Loose delivery: from 1500 kg

Contact our Experts | and let us advise you so that together with you we can further increase the performance of your animals.

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